Everything you need to know about our brand.


Our brand guidelines are intended to ensure consistency across all assets created featuring Rich Mix, which in turn will mean that branding and style are coherent and the integrity of the logo is preserved.

We ask that you use and adhere to these brand guidelines and seek sign off on any assets created – physical, digital, including press releases – featuring our name and / or our brand assets especially logo.


You can download our guidelines from this page – see black download box.


We have a linear core logo (primary). A stacked version of the logo is available as an alternative secondary option if the core logo doesn’t fit the format.

Both versions of the logo are available in our four brand colour ways in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, PSD and TIFF.

You can download our core and stacked logo as JPEG (solid image) or PSD (layer design file) from this page – see black download box. 

If you require another format not available here, please contact the marketing team (details below).


Please pass any materials created using our brand via our marketing team (details below) with a minimum of 48-hours’ notice for review and feedback.




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